She Without Arm, He Without Leg(my favorite video)

Performed by Ma Liand Zhai Xiaowei.The music is composed by San Bao, his works include the music of the film - The Road Home directed by Zhang Yimou starred by Ziyi Zhang, this music is originally from a very popular TV episodes in China, named Qian Shou.

This video of a ballerina with one arm and a danseur with one leg, really made my heart melts when I first saw this. Our teacher in M.A.P.E.H was the one who was the first to show us this video when we’re tackling about ballet. When this video was played, everybody’s eyes are on the screen. The eyes are all keen watching the performance and left all our mouth hangs in amazement and inspiration. I love this video since I first saw this; this gave me a lot of learning even just in a simple performance they made. I love how elegant they are to dance, with that passion and feelings they possess during that, they are able to make a magnificent performance. They made every move’s a master piece that goes through well in a mild, soothing orchestra. They made all the viewers get inspired and get provoked; which mean they made an effective performance. This video made me cry inside and wrench my heart so hard. This made me learn implicitly of lot things in life. It made me realized that life is worth living and I should be contented of what I have right now, because others who are have differences or disable are able to accept what they are having. This showcase that every human who has weaknesses have also strength that can stand out more. This show that no obstacle in life that we couldn’t pass through. If you have a passion go for it, and no one should be a hindrance. And this video will mark to the mind of people and will serve as an inspiration to all.